Would you want to be Olivia Pope?

The following is a guest post from Tonya at Budget and the Beach. Enjoy!

I was reading Women’s Health Magazine recently, and came across an article called 11 Ways to be more like Olivia Pope. If you aren’t familiar with who Olivia Pope is, then you aren’t watching Scandal, one of the best shows currently on TV, in my humble opinion.

In the show, Olivia is a “fixer,” which means she helps high profile clients (read: mostly politicians) bury their own very scandalous stories. Meanwhile Olivia and her team of “gladiators” have their own deep, dark secrets, which makes for excellent plot lines.

Now I LOVE this show, and while I find Kerry Washington to be absolutely stunning, and Olivia Pope’s wardrobe the best on TV, I can’t help but think, “I would never want to be like her character, despite how rich and successful she is,” and here’s why:

Warning: there might be some spoilers, but nothing that hasn’t been revealed on TV promos of the show. I’m also only on season 2, so some things might have changed.

She’s incredibly insecure

One of the great things about the show is that all of the characters are both very likable, but have major flaws, and have made some very bad decisions in their life, especially Olivia. While on the outside Olivia appears very confident, she continues to hold on to the love of a man she can never have who is married. Oh yeah, and happens to be President of the United States.

All the success she has, and yet she still lets the “Prez” use her. It consumes her so much that she can’t free up the mental space to be happy with a nice, normal guy. It makes me wonder if she’s not attracted to the man himself, but the fact that he is in a position of such great power, and being a strong character herself, she needs that.

She doesn’t take care of herself

In the real world Olivia would probably look terrible, and perhaps be incredibly unhealthy. She’s always working, she hardly ever sleeps, and aside from the few times we’ve seen her working out in the pool, we never see her exercise. She also has an incredibly stressful job, what with cleaning up crime scenes, protecting the government elite, and oh, having sex with the President. I’d have an ulcer for sure. One character even called her out on her unhealthy habits, telling her that she considered wine a food group. OK I guess I can get behind that one. :)

But I’ll be damned if Olivia’s hair, skin, makeup and body don’t look perfect. She never seems to catch a cold either. But, we have seen poor Olivia have a few breakdowns. I don’t know, if it were me I’d leave Washington D.C. and maybe open a bed and breakfast in Vermont. At the very least she really needs a vacation. A long vacation.

She doesn’t have solid relationships

You can have all the success in the world, but if you don’t have great family and friends surrounding you, your quality of life is probably pretty poor.

Olivia knows a lot of people, and a lot of people know who she is, but the relationships seem shallow, and definitely dishonest. The closest people to her are her co-workers, who would “follow her off a cliff” if she asked, but that’s because they all kind of owe her major favors. She also has a hard time being completely herself around them, which is hard on a gal.

It just seems like our poor Liv needs some friends outside of work…ones that that preferably won’t screw her over. I’m thinking a meetup.com group?

Are any of you regular watchers of Scandal? What do you think…would you want to be Olivia Pope? 

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