Why I Am So Over Other Peoples’ Financial Mistakes

Today I am going to talk about something that has been a popular topic on the blogging sphere: ignorance and finances of friends and family. This is something that I have experienced all too much in my life and I am sick of it! I am simply tired of hearing about other people make dumb financial mistakes. I know I have not always been a saint when it comes to money, but I feel that I am at least trying to do the right thing now. I am tired of seeing people not even trying to be responsible and continuing to be greedy-even at the detriment of others. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

My boyfriend’s brother-in-law and his sister are literally drowning in debt. They have over $19k in credit card debt plus student loans. They just bought a home that constantly needs new repairs and NO savings. Plus they both have serious spending issues which explains why they barely have any savings even after getting cash gifts from their wedding not too long ago. Recently, we were all hanging out with the brother-in-law and he was telling me he wants 4 kids one day and soon. 4 kids!! I asked him how he was going to pay for that. He shrugged his shoulders and said he would just stay poor, I guess. Excuse me, but maybe you shouldn’t worry about kids till you have money in your account. Just saying.

My friend’s husband was let go from his last job and found another job that barely makes up for what he was making before. She does not work as she goes to school. She even confessed to me that she has had the lights go off in her house because of lack of payment to the electricity company. She then took a trip to Disney World with her kids and flew there when she could have easily just driven. She told me she felt that she had to go because of the kids. Hmm, can anyone spot the problem here?

I have a friend who has always complained about how the government pays for services for people who are in poverty. When she got pregnant, guess what she used? Thats right, Medicaid. Her husband may have to to leave the country for a while (too long of a story to disclose here) and she wants to have another baby. I have no idea how she would pay for it. I personally don’t have anything against someone who used Medicaid if the situation justifies it, but I do have a problem with being hypocritical.

I don’t know about you but I have learned to butt out on the affairs of others. It is the only sane way to live, and I try not to pass judgement on these people. It is NOT up to me to decide how they live their lives. What I am tired of is having to hear how broke certain people are when they clearly have spending issues that they don’t recognize. If you are truly broke and barely have enough to eat, then you have my sympathy. However, spending frivolously is not the answer. How about you? Do you know people who have their priorities in the wrong place?

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