What Are We All Working For?

This is a question that I have not been able to get out of my head recently. Most of us work very hard for what we have, but sometimes that gets lost in the mix of everyday life. It is important to think about what we are ultimately working for in life. Some may think this question is stupid. We’re working for money, of course! Most people are but what is that money buying you? What are you getting in return?

I have been both overwhelmed and excited over the progress of this blog. It seems that only yesterday that the only money I made off of this was the $0.50 or so I made off of Adsense every month. Now I making more! This certainly does not come without a price.

I recently stated that I want to get to $10,000 in savings soon. My boyfriend picked up an extra job of working on his parents’ kitchen, so hopefully soon we will be there. This is such a blessing. In my mind, this buys a significant amount of financial security and will finally allow me to take more risks in life.

Personally, I know I don’t work to get flashy items or the newest gadgets. You can’t eat those items, and they can’t keep you warm at night. The thought of having money in the bank does keep me warm at night. It also helps me sleep. I think there are few things better in this world than  good night’s sleep.

This is the whole reason I work as hard as I do. Its not to get something specifically but more in order to attain a certain feeling that I hold the most dear. That is having the financial security I need to do the things I want to do in the future. I never want to have to make that choice between being happy and having money. I want to be able to do have both and live my life. How about you?


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