You Want How MUCH for Chicken?

It was my friend’s birthday over the weekend. I was very happy to come out for her birthday celebration since I was not able to attend last year. I even managed to throw on a dress and heels which is a big deal for me since I almost never dress up. Seriously, my idea of dressing up wearing a nicer pair of navy jeans and a frilly top. Luckily, I am not required to dress up too much for work and even tennis shoes are acceptable. Anyways, a few of my friends and I drove to the restaurant in town.  None of us had ever been there, and we didn’t know what to expect.

We should have known there was trouble as soon as walked in. Parking was a nightmare. We finally figured out where to park and walked inside. Picture pitch black walls and crimson red christmas lights strewn about everywhere. And it was hot. Like 100 degrees hot and your mobility was severely restricted since there were people everywhere. EVERYWHERE. By the time we finally sat down, I was starving and dying for a drink. When I got my menu, this is what I saw:


That is right. At this place, it costs $8 for an empanada. One empanada as in just one. I couldn’t believe it.  I absolutely love empanadas and have seen them on many menus but not as just one.

I ended up ordering the chicken and grits which I thought was safe. It was also the cheapest entree on the menu at $21. When it arrived, I was about ready to hurt someone. It was literally half a a rotisserie chicken like the kind they sell at warehouse club for like $6. Oh and some grits. The grits were good but the chicken was not. Ugh.

It is experiences like this that highlight the fact that I can never like fancy restaurants with expensive, tasteless food. I guess I will never be like one of the “cool” kids. Maybe it is the PF blogger in me. It also made me wonder about getting value for your money. Maybe I am getting old but paying a lot for the sake of being trendy is just a load of crap to me. I love to spend money once in a while when it is something good, and I LOVE to eat. I believe the experience is just as important in life. A good experience is one to cherish with friends. Unfortunately, all I could think of was how badly I wanted to leave there.

The night wasn’t a total loss. I did get to support my friend on her birthday and it was even nice being able to try out a new place. But I think next time that I will try and convince my friend to go to different place next time.


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