The Structured Settlement Selling Process – A Walkthrough

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When it comes to the tax free income it feels like a little bell tinkling in the ears. In the present time when it is not possible to purchase even a pin without paying tax, tax free income sounds like a real treat. However, it is not as rare as it sounds. The people who have taken the benefit of the structured settlement will have the idea of this unusual financial instrument. The Internal Revenue Code Section 104(a)(2) states that any income that comes as a compensation for some kind of damage is not subject to tax. This exemption of tax is irrespective of the income being lump sum or periodic.

This financial instrument is a type of annuity that comes in the form of compensation. But the settlement of this kind of financial instrument is a bit tricky for which the beneficiary needs to have a detailed knowledge to deal with this instrument. There are many benefits of the structured settlement but when it comes to selling this financial instrument there are some complexities involved. If someone is looking for an immediate financial relief then selling the structured settlement is that option which comes as a real benefit. Financial complexity is not a big problem when one can get a very good deal out of this regular payment mode.

Benefits to enjoy:

There are many benefits of selling the structured settlements. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Selling this financial instrument saves the holder form the risk of it getting overstated in future. The beneficiary will get the benefit in present which would have came to him/her in future, which is highly uncertain especially in terms of finances.
  • The unemployed people can get great benefits from the money obtained from this deal.
  • In case of any accident, it comes as a financial relief to the family.  This saves the family from struggling with financial problems in case of the death or disability of the bread winner of the family.
  • The present cannot be made perfect if a person is not sure about his/her future so it is better to not to leave something this important to the uncertain future.
  • This source of money is very useful when it comes to paying the hospital bills in case of an accident. These bills may come as a financial shock for the budget of the family and thus the structured settlement comes as an immediate aid.

In short the beneficiary can get a number of benefits by selling this structured settlement. But as every coin has two sides there are some drawbacks of selling this financial instrument, which have to be kept in mind before getting into any deal.

Criticalities of the deal:

When a person thinks critically, selling a structured settlement is a very wise decision, as this money can be used in times of great needs which occur every now and then in these times. But it is very necessary to act carefully when a person is making a payoff. While selling this instrument it is very necessary to take care of the safety of the deal.

There are many complications involved in the process of selling the structured settlement which are not known to everyone but are not very difficult to find out. In this case the seller of the structured settlement needs to find an infallible way to tackle every difficulty along with pulling a whole bag full of money is a short period of time. As per the experienced Hugh Pedley from (company name) the best way to do it is to keep all the necessary documents ready before getting into the deal. Whenever it is the right time, sell the structured settlement by submitting all the documents and draw maximum benefits out of the deal. The most important document in this process is the annuity policy. If any of the necessary documents is missing there can be a considerable delay in the process.

Involving a professional:

The seller of the structure settlement has to be alert about the fact that selling this financial instrument in lump sum is subject to tax. In this case the seller will have to pay some amount as tax for selling the structured settlement. This tax will reduce a considerable amount of money from the income generated by this deal. Assistance from National Foundation for Credit Counseling can be of great use in this situation. This is an organization which helps the needy people in settling the deals related to these financial instruments and makes maximum benefit for these people and the best thing is that they do not charge anything for the service.

The seller can also wait for the tax free settlement payment which is supposed to be coming in action in near future. A very wise decision has to be taken as the whole process involves a good amount of money in it and a simple mistake can result into great losses. Taking assistance form a financial expert can help greatly to understand the ups and downs of keeping and selling the structured settlement that can also depend greatly upon the individual’s situations as well. An expert will know what is good for a person while dealing in this financial instrument. In times of immediate financial need this expert will guide the individual to draw maximum benefit out of the deal in a very short period in simplest way possible.


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