Spending and Life Updates

My weekend was exhausting to say the least. We had a family dinner on Friday and the party on Saturday. Saturday’s party went way over budget I have to admit. Between the pizza and the plastic cups (which I did not budget for) and the small amount of alcohol we bought (but was still expensive), it all came to over $100. My original budget was $60. Grrrrr! Oh, well. It is done now. I did have a lot of fun and it was good to see some people again. I have decided though that I will not be having any more get-togethers like this for a very LONG time. It is just too expensive. My friends brought some stuff to the party as well but it is just too much money out of pocket. The clean up before and after is horrible as well. My birthday is coming up soon and I have decided that if I do anything, it will be at a restaurant where they can take care of everything. It will also be much cheaper as the only expense I would have is paying for my own meal.

I FINALLY got my first check from the promo company I occasionally do work for. It took a few harsh emails and phone calls but I did receive it. The last check they owe me is supposed to come in the mail this week as well. I am unsure if I will continue to do jobs with them. The money is great but I am tired of fighting them to get paid. It seems that is of less priority to them and I cannot work for a place like that. I guess if I get really desperate for money, I will do more events but I will have to accept that it may take a few months to get paid.

We have been earning a little more this month due to the boyfriend working more hours and my extra promo income and tutoring. I hope to put away another $500 this month on top of our regular savings. We have to put as much away now so that we will be prepared for later as the busy season for my boyfriend slows down and the holidays come up.

On a different note, can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner? All the stores I have seen are now loaded with ceramic pumpkins and bags of candy with ghoulish themes. I love this time of year, though. The leaves are starting to change and turn every shade of yellow and orange. The weather is getting colder which is a welcome relief to the scorching summer days around here. Another reason I am excited that the water and electricity bill is starting to already come down as we need less of each when it is colder outside. Yay for savings!

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