Some Great things about Getting Older

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There are a lot of people that only associate growing older with something negative.  Some people see growing older as nothing but getting wrinkles and losing vital functions in the body. Some people even associate getting older with getting slower and less agile even though many seniors are just fine. The truth is there are a lot of awesome things that can happen when you get older. These things are way more awesome than anything you can get when you are younger.


Early Bird Specials

Who doesn’t love getting discounts on things just for showing up? Many restaurants offer some pretty awesome discounts to seniors just for dining. Sure, sometimes you have to get there a little early but that is an easy price to pay to save some money. How many places will actually give you a discount for just being there? The point is that scoring a discount on things especially food is really great. No young punk teenager with all his hip attire can lay claim to that.


People are Nicer to You

One of the great things about being a little older is that people tend to be nicer to you especially in public places. You can pretty much sit anywhere on thus bus because usually people will be giving up their seats left and right to you. There is a much greater possibility of people opening the door for you and holding your things when just because you are you. How awesome is that? There are many who think the basic concept of manners and politeness are flying out the door. This is not so when you are a senior citizen. The world is basically your oyster when people are so gracious towards you.


You (Hopefully) Have More Sense

The simple truth is that the more years you have on this earth, the more time you have to learn and make better decisions. You have had more time to accumulate wealth and financial sense or maybe you can just tell everyone else that you do. Hopefully, you have had the financial foresight to plan ahead. This means investing in some much needed insurance for whatever life throws at you. Some people don’t think about funeral insurance, but the truth is it can really help you especially after the death of a loved one. You can find out more about APIA funeral insurance and you will be glad that you did.


Growing older is great and not just for the reasons listed here. Older age must be embraced and looked forward to because it truly is awesome. Keeping these helpful hints in mind can really make you jazzed to turn one year older on the old board. Remember that being a senior is not just about growing old but also about finding yourself. This can mean anything from finding who you truly are to finding some really great things about being in your golden years. Getting older rocks!

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