A Slippery Slope

Today, Tonya from Budget at the Beach is guest posting. Enjoy!

On a random Friday morning, I did a 20-minute interval beach run. It was a gorgeous day, and I was feeling proud of myself that despite my insanely busy work schedule lately, I’ve managed to continue working out six days a week. Believe me when I say it’s more for sanity, and less for vanity. Without exercise, I’m not a very fun person to be around.

For most of my adult life, getting enough exercise has never been a problem. It’s part of my routine…it’s who I am and how I function…

…however after the run I was craving an iced latte from Starbucks. It was fairly hot and I was feeling thirsty, and the thought of it really seemed to hit the spot. This routine though is starting to become a bad habit.

On the drive to Starbucks that little frugal voice in the back of my head was begging me to keep driving to my house and not stop. There was a point in time where that voice won, but lately it’s been silenced by an overwhelming desire to buy whatever I want.

Coffee, it seems, has become the slippery slope. Ironic, don’t you think, because you are always hearing about the “latte factor,” and how just cutting out that habit daily can save you thousands over your lifetime.

I had, in fact, kicked the coffee habit awhile ago, choosing to get a bit of an energy boost drinking EBOOST each morning, which I still do, but for some reason a couple months ago I started getting into the habit of buying some kind of coffee outside of my home almost every morning after I worked out.

And now I feel like I’ve started to let my guard down a bit too much.

Last week I went on what I’d consider a bit of a spending streak, and even after I had posted about how I was done, I later went out and bought two new pairs of Lululemon socks, because the one pair I had won in a contest are just so darn cute, and I wanted more.

I think part of me has let my guard down because this month I made really decent income freelancing, and in general this year it’s been really good, but there has already been talk from my producer that there is a slow down in store, so why haven’t I heeded that warning enough and continued to live super frugally?

This past month alone I over-spent by $585 in my life expense category (a general catch-all category if you will), and groceries by $306. People, I spent $656 on JUST ME on food. Holy crap!! I think I have caviar taste on a hot dog budget, because I’m not buying volume as much as I’m buying uber-expensive healthy stuff. But $656!?!?

So why have I fallen off the frugal wagon? I wish I had the answer…I really do. It’s like something is missing and I’m making up for it by spending somehow, and I need to stop.

What is your slippery slope when it comes to spending? How do you get back on track? 

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