Random Rant: Bad Neighbor Edition

Yesterday, my boyfriend came home from work and let me know our neighbors across the hall are getting evicted. How did he know this? There was an eviction notice taped to their door. They had neglected to pay their rent  and were now being forcibly removed from the apartment.

Now I never really cared for these neighbors. As far as I could tell, they were a couple (or a pair of really creepy relatives) and they would often have sketchy people over at their house. They sometimes threw crazy parties where they would have random people over and play music at all hours of the night. There was even an incident where a girl that had attended started having bad panic attacks and the police had to be called. I have no idea what happened but I am sure that drugs were involved somehow. After that, I just tried to ignore them at all costs. The guy would often hang around the apartment complex even though he said he worked in “construction.” He often had an “out of it” expression on his face if you know what I mean.

I have no details of their financial situation but I have reason to believe that the rent had not been paid for in some time. Judging by my lovely neighbor’s suspected extracurricular activities, I would have to say this sounds fairly appropriate. Now I have no beef with anyone who really falls on hard times through no fault of their own (although an emergency fund would be nice but I digress), but I certainly have a problem with people doing who knows what and then leaving abruptly-without any regard to who they may be hurting in the process. They could at least have talked to the leasing office if they had really, in fact, fallen on hard times and worked something out. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. The truth is because of irresponsible neighbors like these, I may now have to pay more rent when my lease is up because now the apartment complex owner has to recoup the losses he/she sustained because of deadbeats like these not paying their rent. Ughhhh!

The thing I don’t understand is don’t people get the fact that it will now be infinitely more difficult to rent another apartment/house with an eviction on their credit history? It is not exactly an easy task to be qualified to rent just about anywhere nowadays. Are people really that delusional to think their present actions will not affect their future at all? Living under a bridge is really not a very viable option. It really make me wonder.

What is the morale of the story? Don’t do illegal things and pay your bills. It saves everyone a giant headache.

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