Quality vs. Quantity

My boyfriend has been on the hunt for a really good pair of work boots that will help him at his job. He has a job that is very physically demanding and requires him to be on his feet a lot. Recently, his work schedule has really exploded which is great as this time of year is usually a slower time for him. With Christmas around the corner,  we can certainly use the extra money. Anyways, we got into a conversation lately of whether it was better to buy a better, more expensive pair of boots now or buy a few pair of cheaper shoes and save money.

The pair of boots he is eyeing are from the brand Red Wing Shoes. I had no idea this company existed until this month. They are apparently very big in the work boot company. They are also almost $200! I nearly balked at the price. I don’t really spend more than $50-$60 for a pair of sneakers and thats really only because I usually run for exercise. The only reason I spend even that much is because I need to have some support or my knees ache. Therefore, I was a little flabbergasted when he told me the price.

Then my boyfriend explained to me that these shoes are incredible for people who work on their feet and especially if they are constantly on ladders or using their hands. He has also been having pain in his back and legs that could very well be caused by bad footwear. Because of all the hours he’s working and its making his pain worse, these are things that all must be considered.

This explains the title of my post today. Is quality better than quantity when it saves you money? Normally, I would go with the money saving option but in this case I must reconsider. It is not fair for him to be uncomfortable just to save a few dollars in the short term. Especially when these shoes will eliminate the need for more shoes at least for a while. These shoes are expensive but they are worth it in the long run.

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