PF Confession: I Hired A Housecleaner

I like to think of myself as a pretty frugal person overall. I make my own detergent, beauty masks, and I have been known to score a good deal or two on clothes—when I allow myself to buy clothes. My boyfriend has to physically drag me to the store sometimes because he gets tired of seeing me in the same T-shirt that I always seem to be wearing. My car is over 10 years old. Hell, my car is almost 15 YEARS OLD. That is fine with me as long as I can drive it. There is one thing, though, that I have caved in to doing and I am admitting it now: I hired a housekeeper.
Before you accuse me of fraud, let me explain. She basically takes some of the weight off my shoulders by deep cleaning the apartment and giving me one less thing to worry about once a month.  She is the friend of a friend and I know she is appreciative of the extra cash that she earns. I only use her once a month since I feel like I can do most of everything around here for most of the time. I just like to relax and put up my feet every once in a while or do other things. Plus, she is only charging me $50 a visit to clean my 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment. Her monthly visit makes it easier the rest of the month as I know she will take care of the deeper cleaning while I can maintain the apartment the rest of the time.
I have read a few posts from other bloggers that talk about how important their time is to them and how they don’t mind hiring extra help around the house. I agree to a certain extent. I feel like we all have to make choices with our money and decide where it works best for us. While I don’t want to hire someone to come by any more than a month, this helps afford me the chance to do other things that I consider more important than money–things like spending time with my family and friends. Maybe some would disagree but I have cut back in other areas to be able to afford this. At the end of the day, I am still paying my bills and saving for the futures so what is wrong with that?
The other extra benefit is that it has helped better the relationship between my boyfriend and myself. We have gotten into some rows over how dirty the apartment is. I will thoroughly admit that I have been known to go to war over filthiness. I maybe a little OCD. Having someone come by to help keep things somewhat orderly has helped us be a much happier pair—at least there is less arguing :) 

Have you ever hired someone to help you around the house or with something else? If you have, what were your reasons?

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