Party Planning on a Budget

**On a side note, thanks for all the positive comments on my last post.  I am feeling a little bit better and more able to kick debt’s butt.

Recently, I have decided that we have been being too much like  social hermits lately and are now having some friends over this Saturday for a social gathering. But I am on a budget! This means that the ice sculptures and fancy bottles of wine are out. What do you do instead? We plan on ordering pizza and playing some games. This will be a chance for everyone to catch up in a relaxed setting and socialize. I am officially calling it a “house warming party” even though we have been living here for over 6 months (and technically, its an apartment). Below is a break-down of what I plan on getting for the party. Most of the stuff will be from Trader Joe’s as they are a budget girl’s best friend when it comes to stuff like this:

1. 3 bottles of Pinot Grigio (from Trader Joe’s)-$2.86 each

2. 4 pizzas-$6 each (from the inexpensive pizzeria by my parents house)

3. 2 bags of chips-$2 each (also from Trader Joe’s)

4. Board Games-FREE (we already own some)

5. Movies-FREE (we own several)

6. Decorations-Ummm, do you think I’m made of cash? Nope.

7. 1 Bottle of vodka-$10-$15

So I am forecasting the total to be around $50. If I could do everything under $60, I would be insanely happy. The good thing is this is a low key crowd and will be happy with anything. I am trying to get one of my friends to bring some sodas/mixers to cut down the cost for me even further. Hopefully, everything works out.

I am also having some family come from out town this week so I will be busy with that. Also, I am still planning on taking a  mini beach trip next week but don’t know if that will come to fruition. I have to see how everything else pans out. Wish me luck!

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