One of My Reasons for Working Hard…

We all have reasons for working hard. Last Wednesday, I got to see one of my idols and favorite musicians: Paul McCartney. For the uninitiated, he was one of the leads of the greatest band that ever was…The Beatles. Anyways, he had a concert here in Atlanta and I really wanted to go. Unfortunately, the tickets cots a small fortune in my opinion…almost $100 apiece plus ticket fees (which are insane in themselves anyways).

I thought long and hard before I purchased the tickets. I had seen my idol before and thought that maybe that was enough. Then again, I know that everyone gets older and I know other artists around his age have retired from touring–not to mention that Sir Paul does not need to tour ever again. He may have loads of cash but I don’t. I need to be considerate with my money as I do have lots of responsibilities that can’t be ignored.

Despite all these things, I went ahead and bought the tickets and I am so glad that I did. The concert was phenomenal. I was enthralled form the very beginning to the end (after several encores). My boyfriend had such a wonderful time and agreed that it was worth every penny. I had such a wonderful experience that it made me wonder why I had been so hung up about the money. I do work hard and obviously paying the bills is very important but so are the rare opportunities that you have to really enjoy life. I have talked about this before and it is so true. To me, money is not the end game. I don’t think this is the case for a lot of PF bloggers.   There is a lot of evidence that suggests that good experiences will make you much happier than just getting “things.”

So my dear readers, I just wanted this to be reminder that there is a benefit to working so hard. It is these moments that make it worth it. This could mean everything from family to concert experiences to your pet dog. We all work for something and that is what it is all about. One that happy note, here is a video of that happy experience for me. Happy Monday!

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