Ok, No More Excuses on Meeting New People


I had a get-together with some friends over the weekend. It was fun to be with friends but it was kind of disappointing for a few reasons. I had invited a larger group and many of them did not show up. Normally, I don’t care because I realize people are busy but it got me thinking about a few things. I realized that I had not made an effort to meet new people or experience something new in a long time. I am happy with my current crowd but I am a big believer of the idea that you should keep trying new things. Life gets stale if you don’t.

I am really bad at meeting new people. I have had pretty much the same group of friends for years. Its not a bad thing but you definitely feel like there are other cool people you are not meeting out there. My boyfriend is bad with meeting new people too. It would not be a bad thing for us to go out of the house more. Currently when neither of us are working, we are at the apartment and vegging out in front of the TV. Not always such a pretty sight.

I have recently been browsing Meetup.com and have been amazed by the many groups on there. I was thinking of signing up for some outdoor group or something that has to do with yoga. I would love to participate in something that would be lots of fun. I might even get the boyfriend to join a trivia night.

I may even look into some volunteer opportunities even though I have been burned before. I have been making excuses on why I can’t go out. Its always like “I am too tired” or “I don’t have the time.” I can’t rely on excuses anymore. That’s it. Time to change.

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