My Favorite Christmas Memories

Today, I am participating in a blog carnival with Sicorra and other bloggers.
I can remember Christmas time with my family when I was younger as a great time. We didn’t have a ton of money but my parents treated Christmas with special attention. We were never really into tradition but there were a few things that we always seem to do.
My brother and I liked “to leave cookies for Santa.” We would go to the store with our parents and spend time picking out the prefect cookie. We would then go home and try not to eat them ourselves as we were and still are big fans of sweet things. When the night before Christmas came, we would arrange the cookies and leave out a glass of milk for Santa to drink. The next morning, we would get so excited when we saw an empty plate. We were so happy to think that Santa had been there only moments before.
When we were kids, we didn’t have a lot of cash so another thing we would make a lot of our holiday presents in school and give them to our family. This was always a source of pride for us as we put a lot of love and creativity in those crafts. One year I made a reindeer out of a peppermint cane, pipe cleaners, and felt. My mother loved it. It seemed much better that I made something with my own two hands then just bought something at the store.
Probably the most memorable part of Christmas was going down to the local courthouse where they would light the giant pine tree. This huge Christmas tree had dozens of lights on it and was a major event in our small town. It was also a cheap way to spend family time together. It was a very sweet moment because there would always be a ton of people huddling together because of the bitter cold, but they were always happy when they finally lit that tree. It was like the tree was a symbol for all that was good in the world and it was definitely something that was worth waiting for no matter what.
I have always liked Christmas time and the excitement in the air. It seems like people are just happier and more willing to help their fellow man. Everything is decked out in festive garb and the aroma of gingerbread is wonderful and inviting. Christmas time is just a great time of year to spend time with loved ones and find ways to help those that are in need. I like to donate toys at this time of year in an effort to give something back. I hope to continue building holiday memories like these with my boyfriend and keep celebrating the season for many years to come.

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