The Lunacy of Job Hunting

I have a confession: I am always looking for another job. I really think you have to in this economy. Don’t get me wrong. I like my current job but I am one of those people who is always looking for the next opportunity no matter what. I feel like if I stop job searching, I will be missing out on something really awesome so I always keep my eyes and ears open. Am I crazy? Maybe, but you never know when you may really need another job and we all know the current market doesn’t always allow for quick job transfers.

I have decided that I am a magnet for weirdo companies. I have had a few call backs but lately, it has been shady dealings at best. I recently went on an interview. Yikes! I walked in and realized they had been calling every applicant and their mother in for an interview. Whats wrong with that? Well, for starters that means that this company couldn’t even be bothered to actually look at peoples’ resumes and make a sound judgement on who might be the best fit for the job. I am all for being democratic when it comes to interviews but at what point are you just wasting everyone’s time? The next time I hear “no experience necessary,” I am running for the hills. They even told me that they had just opened last week. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be dealing with a company that is not even a week old in the area. Businesses close all the time, and I don’t want to leave a  job just so I can lose another one in a month. Screw that nonsense!

Yesterday, I got a call from a guy who needed a blogger for his “insurance” company. He sounded like he was in a tunnel and completely insane. He kept telling me he needed some help with making videos for the company (even though this was never mentioned in the ad) and could I meet him at some coffee house tomorrow in the morning? When I politely told him I had  job and could not just leave it on such short notice, he got offended and told me he was leaving soon for Las Vegas and “who knows when I will be back.” Hmmm. You sound like a complete jerk, you are asking me for things that were never in the job posting, and you just admitted you would be taking a trip doing God knows what and who knows when you will be back. Not to mention that this was only for part time work and already it sounds like you need someone as your whipping boy 24/7. Where do I sign up to work with this lunatic? How about never?

Ugh! I hate how some companies are treating potential applicants like garbage. Is it too much to ask that you don’t waste my time or that you are honest with me? Apparently so. I have heard countless stories about people basically being stomped on by companies that hold all the cards and treat everyone else like dirt. And don’t even get me started on companies “spying” on facebook or other social media to see how applicants are outside of work. Really? Is that really necessary? Excuse me for the rant but I just had say it. If you treat people like crap, then it will come back to you I promise. No one wants to work for a company that acts like Big Brother so how is that improving your bottom line?

So it’s back to the classifieds I go. I realize I am in a good position as I do not have to take the first thing that comes along and I have a great boyfriend who also contributes to the household. Still, there is nothing wrong with being a little proactive, right? Besides, I want to get this debt paid which means doing everything I can to get extra revenue coming in. Wish me luck!

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