Life Updates

Life lately has been one huge roller coaster of emotion. It has gone up and down and quite frankly, I am exhausted. Sorry for the long delay on what been going on. Ok, lets review:

1. Our truck got broken into about a week ago. The sad thing is this is the second time this has happened in our apartment complex. This was also after my boyfriend bolted his toolbox to the truck bed. The motherf*ckers actually used a saw to cut the toolbox from the truck in the night. We have had to go through hell with the insurance company but it looks like we will be getting some money. He has already bought a camper top so this won’t happen again. What a mess.

2. I know I am a terrible blogger for not mentioning this sooner but I have been moonlighting as a teacher at a center that teaches better decision making skills to people who have been arrested. I really, really like my job. Or I should say I did like my job. I like the teaching but, unfortunately, the administration or my boss just sucks. He cut my classes because of his paranoia that something will go wrong despite the fact that I have busted my butt to do everything right. Oh, well, I got another job interview for another part time job helping out with a research project. Anything for an extra buck, right?

3. We finally sold our extra car. We did really well with it and got like a thousand more than what we were planning. Yay!!

4. The good thing about me working more was that I was able to pad our savings account. I am hoping to be at around $7k in the ole savings account by the end of next month.

Other than that, I am missing my doggie a lot. I am thinking of fostering again but we will wait and see.

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