It’s All in the Family

My younger brother has started college this year and he is doing well. He is going to school about 45 minutes away from where I am living and I try to see him as much as I can. My brother and I haven’t always been so close. One of the big reasons is our age difference. There is an 8 year age difference between my brother and I. We have always been very independent people and, therefore, haven’t always been the closest of siblings. You can chalk it up to immaturity on both our ends but I have been trying more lately to bond with my little brother. He has been over to my apartment more and even my boyfriend has been helping him out with little jobs at his company.

Even though we have our differences, I will say that my brother has a great grasp on his finances…for the most part. He has always been very frugal. He has been known to exclusively eat only at home in order to save on eating out costs. He doesn’t even like buying a $2 bottle of water at the store when he has been biking all day. He is also considerate when it comes to other peoples’ money as well. He doesn’t like taking advantage of people when they offer to help him out. I have tried to help him out as much as I can. He has always been gracious and I practically have had to beg him to take my help every time.

With that being said, there are things that drive me crazy about him. For one thing, my brother cannot keep his cell phone to save his life. I have called him many a time only to find out that he had lost it after I had not heard back from him. Its almost become a running joke with my family. My brother now has to buy $10-$20 phones because he knows there’s a good chance that it may not last long. He also gets these strange desires to buy things that I consider silly. He once bought a few pairs of loafers that I thought looked ridiculous but he adored. I think the right term is “hipster.” Anyway, to each his own.

I am glad to say we both have a firmer grip on our finances and we are doing okay. One day I will do a post on how my parents influenced my attitude on money, but it seems they did a decent job showing us how money works. My brother and I have our differences but I like to think we are on a path to doing better. I hope I can say the same about my finances.

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