Is Technology Helping You Save Money or Driving You Crazy?


I am not what you would call the world’s most technologically savvy person. I drive the same car that I have had since high school. My cell phone is an old beat-up Android that doesn’t even work sometimes. I don’t have an MP3 player since my last one broke. I am too cheap to buy a new one. Despite this, I do have a penchant for certain technologies that help me make the most of my income.

I am obsessed with checking my bank account like 10 times a day. Since I am working from a computer most of the day, this is something I can do easily. My bank’s mobile app also helps when I can’t be near my computer. I have this weird obsession that if I don’t check it a lot, then some hacker with too much time on his hands is going to steal all my money when I am not looking. They are not going to take my money! Oh no! I will check my account to oblivion before that happens.

There are also some great apps I have recently been made aware of that I think are really cool. One of them is called Ibotta. This app gives you money back if you buy certain items at the store. The only downside is you need to scan the items and keep your receipts and stuff like that. If you are fine with doing a little work, then it can be very profitable. And no, I am not getting paid in any way to mention them in this article. I just think the app is kind of cool. Take it or leave it.

The internet is the ultimate research tool. You can look up coupons and check prices on just about anything you want. Want to know 10 different prices on one graphing calculator? Done. Is there a coupon for that coffee creamer that you love? Why, yes there is. I used to be a crazy couponer back in the day and I surely used these methods to no end. One day I will write a post about my couponing days. It got a little crazy after a while. I wasn’t one of those psycho people like on those shows but it was funny for sure.

I think you have to be careful with all this technology, though. I am a little obsessed with my finances which can get annoying. Sometimes I think it would be better if I didn’t have that option because that hacker could probably make off with my money anyway. My couponing did get a little out of hand at one point but I will get into that later. I think for the most part its good but you do have to keep yourself in check. Do you think technology has helped you or is it just a headache?

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