How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

For those of you who may not know, we lost our beloved dog a few weeks ago. The healing process has been slow but I think the worst of it is over, thankfully. The hardest thing by far has been coming home and having no furry face to greet you. Yeah, that sucks.

I have been combing though some local animal shelters’ websites-I guess just because I like to torture myself :) Its been hard looking at all the adorable fuzzy faces and not rushing right out to go pick one of them up. I guess I am a little sentimental that way. I would love to get a little Yorkie as I have always been very fond of those dogs even though my boyfriend isn’t too keen on the idea. Despite this, we also don’t want to go rush out and get another dog so soon since Max died. It just doesn’t seem very respectful to his memory. We are also aware that a new dog could potentially wreak havoc on our budget as we would have to worry about the adoption fees, vet fees, food, new toys, etc. Probably best to wait a little bit until we have a better grip on things since the IRS took all our money…Hahaha.

We fostered a little chihuahua last week from the animal shelter. We occasionally like to do that when we can because its one of the few times my boyfriend and I can volunteer together for something. Well, that was an experience. He was a cute little dog but he had an affinity for doing his business everywhere and anywhere around the apartment which was NOT fun to clean up. He also got so hyper at night that we had to eventually crate him so that he would calm down. I am not a fan of confining dogs but this was necessary to his well being. I would take him on walks, and he would practically drag me up and down the sidewalk. He was a very loving little guy but whoever adopts him will have to be very patient and that is NOT me right now. My schedule has been getting more and more hectic lately and have realized that I will have to wait till things calm down a little more.

Considering everything, I think it will still be a while till we adopt again. We may not even adopt until we move back into a house again as having a dog in an apartment officially sucks. It no fun having to physically walk your dog up the hill 3 times a day just so that he can do his business. I would rather wait and do things the right way then rush and make a huge mistake. Thats not fair on the dog either.

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