How Little Splurges Make Sense in the Long Run


I have been on a money fast lately. I have been buying in bulk more an more lately to save money at the grocery store. I try to think about every purchase I make in order to determine whether I need it or not. The point is I have been doing everything I can to save as much as I can….and its BORING!! The other day, I decided to treat myself and buy some stuff from Sephora. For those who are unaware of this store, its basically a magical place where you can buy basically any type of make-up you want and it its truly awesome. I didn’t go into the store but I did go to the online website and bought about $40 worth of make-up that I really didn’t need but I loved just the same. I bought some nice concealer, face wash (the fancy kind), and eye liner. Everything was on sale so I guess I can’t shake the budgeter in me too much.

The reason I did this was because I was tired of being so careful with money and I wanted to treat myself. I feel like you have to do this sometimes in order to feel sane. Very few people can go their whole lives without treating themselves–no matter how frugal they are with money. Sometimes you just have to let go and spend a little hard earned cash on something ridiculous. It may even prevent you from spending a crazy amount of cash later on. I have heard being frugal is like going on a physical diet. You must occasionally ingest a chocolate bar here or there or you will lose it one day and eat the whole bakery! So my friends who live cheaply, don’t forget to splurge on little things every one in a while. It may actually SAVE you money in the long run ( as long as its kept within reason).

Now here’s a fun little video about what happens when your spending goes (hilariously) overboard. Enjoy!

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