How Do You Unwind?

When life gets hectic (and when does it not?), its important to find ways to de-stress and decompress or you will literally go insane. I have to remind myself to that this can happen if I don’t take some time to rest.

But it is HARD!!!



We live in a culture that values being busy all the time and having every minute of the day consumed with something or we are just not “living up to our potential.” So does that mean that we are being wasteful when we take a second and enjoy life? Hell no!!!!!

I like to run outside for fun. I like to write because I am a big egotist who likes the sound of her own voice (just kidding…kind of). I like spending hours on youtube watching funny videos and documentaries on the psychology of various things. Oh my gosh, I can spend a whole day just watching stand-up comedy. I mean have you seen how many videos there are of people doing stand up? Makes me wonder why people have fancy cable and HBO. I also love to watch music videos of songs from like 20 years ago because I am a music snob who mostly likes music that has stood the test of time. So many cheap ways to unwind. I could go on and on.

I have been debating today whether I should be a good little girl and go home to clean after work. But I just can’t bring myself to do. I recently have found out about a little farmer’s market that opens once a week near my apartment. Damn it, I am going to go and walk around and enjoy life. My apartment is a wreck but it can wait. Life is short, right? Besides, they might have some killer pastries and you all know how I feel about that.

My question to you is what do you do for fun?

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