Hopefully the Start of Something Great

Yesterday, the boyfriend had an interview with a local home repair business and he got the job! It has been a surprise to say the least. We had a long discussion about it yesterday about how it could possibly affect our lives. Here is what would change:

1. Instead of being paid an hourly wage, he would be paid a percentage of the fees that were collected for the day. This could have the potential to make him a lot more money as he is very quick and efficient when it comes to fixing things. He would also get a percentage of anything service that up-sells to a customer.
2. He would be full employee with the company. He is only a contract employee with the current business he is working for. Being a full employee means he would get disability, unemployment insurance, sick pay, and there might even be an option to get full health benefits in the future. All things you don’t normally get as a contract employee. He would even get to use one of the company trucks which eliminates the need for us to get a truck for him for work. Awesome, because I had no idea how we would have paid for that.
3. The first few months might be a little crappy in terms of pay. Like most places, you have to work your way up and thats goes for income as well. The good thing is that owner is okay with paying a set rate (low) per hour so that we wouldn’t be completely screwed while he works his way up.
We don’t know 100% for sure about this job, but the owner seems to really like my boyfriend. We are waiting on the owner to send us an official offer letter so I am trying not get my hopes up. It will still mean a lot of sacrificing and maybe even less money towards debt payment but we believe it will be worth it in the long run. Gosh, that sounds so adult!  Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!

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