Happy Monday and the Winner of the Giveaway

I hope everyone is having a happy Monday. As always, the weekend is never long enough. It has been freezing lately here…for me anyways. I know its all relative but when the thermometer reaches below ten degrees, I am ready to scream. I guess staying in the North Pole is out of the question. Needless to say, I have been more bundled up than ever lately. I have been looking more and more like a burrito lately with my heavy jackets and other winter warming accessories. I know a lot of the country has been experiencing the same thing so I am not the only one.

Its cold outside!



But anyways, I won’t harp too much on the weather because there are more important things to talk about. We have the winner of the giveaway and its Wild Orchid. She is the winner of the $100 prize. I just want to thank everyone for entering and for being a reader. I want to do more giveaways in the future as a way of rewarding my readers. Once again, thanks to all the readers who keep reading DATG. You guys rock.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

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