Got the House Rented Out…

More news on the horizon…we got the house rented out. Man, what a fun experience that was. Can you sense my sarcasm? First, a little back-story: Our house was previously being rent out for two years by this really nice couple who always paid their rent on time and were super-courteous. This was after we had the tenants from hell or it really was just the wide. She was super bitchy and persisted in calling us several times a week to complain about EVERYTHING.  When they finally left, the husband secretly confessed to my boyfriend that he was thinking about leaving her because he was sick of her bad attitude. Anyways, the house was sitting empty because it needed a lot of work after these recent tenants left.

For those of you who have been following, you will know that my boyfriend is a handyman specialist and likes to find fun and interesting solutions to everything. Since we didn’t have a fabulous budget this time again, he certainly had to use his expertise to get creative. It didn’t hurt either that he was able to negotiate some good deals at Home Depot. It turns out that there is no harm in asking if you can get a better deal. What do you think of how it turned out?






Anyways, we (mostly he) got all the work done and it only took a few days to rent out the house. This time around, we were lucky enough to be able to raise the price a few hundred dollars. We threw in some extras like lawn care and the price of water bill every month but we still come out ahead of the game.

We also modified the lease to include stricter terms like basically saying that the tenants were responsible for any pest control and saying that they were responsible for all minor repairs. Yeah, we didn’t want ten phone calls a day for a broken light bulb or whatever. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit!

The boyfriend is now trying to sell his dad’s old car and hopefully make some money off of it. Unfortunately, there have been lots of call but no takers yet. Wish us luck!!

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