Good News. Good News. Bad News

Hello again! Last week has been very eventful and I am just now getting a chance to tell you about it. First, lets start with the good news. It looks like the check that the mortgage company is going to give us will be a little over the amount that we need to finally pay off the credit card. We have $1,200 left on it and this means we could have it paid off by the end of this month! Happy, happy news!!! I am now checking our mailbox obsessively for the check.

Our pipes broke in our house that is being rented out. The tenants were so sweet about it! My boyfriend had to go over there for a whole day getting the pipes to work again. They are now fixed and they cost us a mere fraction of what it would have been if we had to hire somebody. If you are going to rent a house (or have a house in general), make sure you have money to spend on these sort of things. I will say it before and I will say it again, you never know when your next household disaster is around the corner.This could have been so much worse than it was so I am chalking it up to good news.

On to some more good news, my parents own a timeshare condo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and they are letting us use it for free! They will not be using it this year so they said we could use it. Its is a pretty sweet deal as it has its own kitchen, bedrooms, and lovely balcony that overlooks the beach. Since it has its own kitchen, we would save so much on eating out because we could make most of our meals there. We have not decided on when to use it but we must reserve it in advance to book it. More details to come on this later. I am sooooo needing a vacation so almost free vacation next to the beach? Sign me up!

Tutoring for me is finally picking up so I will be starting this again this week. All 3 families that I previously worked for need me again so I will be one busy girl! This is great news as I now need funds to pay for my trip to the aforementioned beach :)

Some bad news came as it looks like my boyfriend is not going to get the job with guy he interviewed with a while back. We kind of saw this coming as he was not exactly quick to return our phone calls. We have decided that once the credit card debt is paid off, that we will start saving up for a truck for my boyfriend. He really needs it in his line of work and it would make him more attractive to potential employers. I am a little bummed over the news but things have been good lately so it helps to ease the bad stuff.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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