Do You Get Upset When You Can’t Save?

Personal finance bloggers are an interesting lot. I like to think that we are a little more financially savvy than the average bear. This can have its drawbacks too. Why? It means you can get frustrated if you are not saving money. This has a lot of definitions of course. It can mean only buying things if they are on sale even if it means buying an inferior product. It can mean not being able to save money at the end of every month. Are you like that?

I used to be be big into using coupons. This was before the whole coupon craze started and you were actually able to save a buck without all the restrictions that many stores have now. I used to comb through coupon websites and structure my whole shopping trips by what kind of coupons I had. Sounds good, right? I did end up saving a lot of money but I realized that I ended up with a lot of items that I really didn’t need. I was just hooked on the idea of saving a lot of money even if it meant buying products that I really didn’t need. I ended up with over 20 sticks of deodorant that I couldn’t even give away because it was some obscure brand. If I had just bought things that I actually needed, then I probably would have saved a lot more.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say that they bought something just because it was on sale. It seems like that is a very popular mentality. I have even heard people say they have made money even when they have knowingly spent money on something. It seems crazy but a lot of people do this. I have known people to have only spent money when something is on sale. I admit I am like this too. The whole psychological aspect of it is just too tempting for some people to pass up.

I have friends that are very financially savvy and know a lot of bloggers feel a certain “high” from saving lots of money. I certainly include myself in that scenario. Like some people feel great with buying lots of expensive handbags, I feel great with being able to put something away at the end of the month. I have come to realize recently that I was getting too big of a high from this feeling which can also be bad. This can potentially mean that if you are not saving money for whatever reason, then this can take a toll on yourself. I have had to go through this situation for reasons that I will disclose later. It is pretty much the same concept. It is great to save money, but it can be potentially dangerous to believe that things are only good when you are saving which may not always be possible. Life is simply not that simple sometimes.

Do you get a high from saving money? Would you feel otherwise if you couldn’t save money?

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