Is Being Frugal the Path to Happiness?

It can be pretty obvious sometimes that we live in a world that values excess and spending tons of money. I mean have you seen a modern music video nowadays? I don’t watch too many of those anymore, but they all seem to have the same components: flashy cars, expensive jewelry, and beautiful people. I remember coming home from school and watching TRL (anyone remember that?) and seeing the newest videos from some rapper or pop star. Going over the top was the norm and it was totally cool to obtain pricey objects for everyday life.

Flash forward fifteen years later through a global recession and people are beginning to think a little differently about how they should be spending their money. Suddenly blowing lots of cash has been raising more eyebrows then it has in the past. Many people feel silly spending lots of cash when so many have lost so much. I think sometimes it comes down to how much security you want in the bank.

Everyone assumes that famous people are wasteful. That is simply not true. The bajilllionaire Warren Buffet is one of the most frugal people around out there when you consider the mountain of cash that he has. He recently came out and said that being frugal is the path to happiness. This is coming from someone who could probably buy his own country or several countries with all his wealth. There is certainly something to be said for trying to be smart with your money.

Sometimes it comes down to wondering what is you would rather have in your life. Are you one of these people that would rather have security or something new today? I know I was one of those people that liked to have the “something new” today. My vice used to be expensive handbags.  I remember getting the glossy catalogs from several retailers that had pages and pages of new handbags. I would wait for the mail to come every week because I knew I would be getting a new catalog from some store. This was filling my need to have pretty things even when it was taking money away from buying a food as a college student. The only good thing was it kept me from gaining the dreaded “freshman fifteen.”

This is just an example of my crazy decision making skills and how wacked out my priorities were in the past. If you think choosing between food and handbags is even a remotely reasonable choice, then there is something wrong. Being frugal was not even in my realm of understanding back then. I have to say that since changing my perspective on a few things, I am much happier and much more satisfied with my life since I became more frugal. Having a blog has kept me accountable as well. I may be a few handbags lighter but it has been worth it. Having less debt is also pretty awesome.

Is being frugal the path to happiness? I don’t think it the only thing by any means but it does help. Having less debt is obviously going to mean less stress in the long run. I think changing your perspective into a more positive one is the ultimate decider of happiness. I am learning that more and more everyday. In short, being frugal is wonderful though, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lead a better life.

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