Are Your Financial Choices Influenced by Hollywood?

There is no denying the celebrity culture that now permeates through society. It is amazing how many stories on movie stars are now mixed in with “serious” news stories. I can’t even watch national news shows because there are always stories now about who is wearing what or who is feuding with who in Hollywood. When you check out to buy groceries, there is an endless row of magazines that are basically just high school gossip but for famous people. It is a little concerning how this is affecting society at large.

A really good friend of mine has always had problems with keeping her spending under control. She loves buying designer things from catalogs, stores, and the internet. She is several thousands dollars in credit card debt. She justifies this by saying she wants to dress like the celebrities she sees in the movies. She gets a high from being able to model her wardrobe from what she sees on screen. She sometimes shops at thrift stores in order to get her designer things on a budget but even this is costly after a while. It is amazing to go on a shopping trip with her. She will pick out ten things and then gather five more to purchase. She is such a great person but she idolizes these celebrities to the point that it is hurting her financially.

I have to say I am baffled by her method of reasoning. I love certain celebrities too but I can’t image ever thinking that spending $300 on a purse is a good thing. Ever since I started this journey to paying down debt, I have been much more conscious of where my money goes. Despite this, I used to have a bad spending habit myself so I really can’t judge. I guess what I find odd is her whole obsession with celebrity culture as a means to justify her spending. It makes me wonder how much these celebrities are influencing the buying choices of the people I know and the world in general. This is especially true when you consider the celebrity headlines nowadays.


I often read stories of people getting in serious credit card debt and then citing emulating celebrities as a cause. I was talking to my friend the other day and she made a great point. She said that 50 years ago, we didn’t really have this whole obsession with Hollywood. People seemed to get more obsessed as the tabloids became more prominent in culture. I think it would be very interesting to see what the world would look like if celebrities did not become as popular as they are now. With the crazy amount of debt that people have, it is certainly something to think about.

I guess being able to be happy about the things you do have is probably one of the best things you can do for you and your financial future. Feeling like you are enough is important. There is nothing wrong with liking famous people. There is something brewing if it is encouraging you to get into debt.

The good thing is my friend is starting to get a little better with her purchasing choices. She recently began selling some of her more expensive things in order to pay back her debt. It is not huge, but it is a start. That’s what is important.

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