FINALLY!! I’m Free! I’m Free!!!

So today I have finally reached a milestone that I have have been waiting and waiting for since starting this blog. Today, I am FREE of credit card debt. Okay, start the orchestra! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be done with this evil credit card monster. It took us 7 months to completely pay off a little over $5,000 in debt that had been adding up over the course of two years due to house repairs, my laptop, and some medical expenses in my past. Now it is all gone. 
The picture you see above is what I saw when I logged into my credit card account this morning and saw a big ole fat ZERO. What a great way to start your Friday morning! I actually had made the final payment a few days ago but I have been waiting in AGONY for the payment to clear with the credit card company (on a side note, why do payments take forever to clear when you need them to the most? Sheesh!) I immediately showed my boyfriend the number and we actually high-fived each other. We are such dorks :)
Anyways, now that this part of our lives are over, we are free to start actually saving again. We have some plans for the future, but I think I am going to take this weekend off from thinking about my finances and enjoy my newfound freedom. Maybe even get a pedicure. Hmmmm.


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