My Favorite (Cheap) Party Foods


Oh, delicious food! Why are you so tempting to eat? There are just too many crazy good party foods on the market today. Some are more expensive than others. I am a big lover of all things tasty in the food world but saving money is great too. When you are planning a big party sometimes having a menu of yummy but affordable foods can really make the occasion worthwhile. So how can you stretch your party budget while still not sending your guests into an uproar? Well,…


Who doesn’t love pizza? The great thing about pizza is that it is usually cheap and you can feed several people with one pie. Most pizzerias offer discounts on certain days of the week or give you a deal if you order multiple pizzas. If you want to save even more money, you can always purchase frozen pizzas from the local grocery store. You can even make them if you have a flair for the culinary arts. I prefer just picking up a few pizzas from a close pizzeria and being done with it.



Popcorn is relatively inexpensive whether you purchase the pre-popped and seasoned variety or just getting the kernels to pop them yourself. If you choose to pop it yourself, you can always do things like drizzle them with chocolate or caramel for a little stimulation of the taste buds and the eyes. Of course, nothing beats the old fashioned buttery type and you can feed a small army of popcorn for less than five bucks. For non-cooks like me, then the idea of just sticking something in the microwave for a few minutes sounds like the perfect party snack to me.


Chips and Dips

Probably my all time favorite snack food is tortilla chips and dip. It is the food combo that is almost too good to be true. Everyone pretty much expects this at a party anyways. It is very affordable and people love to see it displayed on the table. One of my favorite dips is Old El Paso Salsa. It is especially great when I want an easy alternative to homemade salsa, which I do not have always have time to make.

Snack foods are really delicious and a staple of many diets. That being said, people are always interested in saving money. Finding foods that are tasty but also cost effective are really the bees’ knees right now.



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