Could you live on $14,000 a year?

Could you live on $14,000 a year? Maybe. What about if you had a family of four? I know the answer to that for me would be a big fat NO! The reason I ask is because I recently came across a blog from a woman why claims to do just that. She feeds her family, educates her children, provides a roof over their heads and basically lives her life all on what would generally be considered below the poverty line for most people. Call me nuts but I think this woman should be running the government right now. Please give her an award! Her financial planning makes everything I’ve done pale in comparison.

Her blog is mostly a lifestyle blog but there is some really great information for people who want to manage their cash. The author of the blog does admit she wasn’t always good with cash. She even details stories of how her bills were constantly being paid late and how the economics of life were constantly stressing her out. She then says she had a talk with her husband and finally made a plan to get their financial situation back on track. They are now debt free and able to give themselves and their children a comfortable lifestyle by being frugal. I couldn’t find a mention if the author worked but it looks like she is a stay at home mom and her husband used to belong to the army. I also couldn’t find any details about how she makes $14,000 a year but I suspect she makes at least a decent amount off her blog since it is so popular.

Now there are things that the author has done that most people don’t or can’t do. For instance, she was able to buy a rather inexpensive home for $30,000. Most people in America would completely flip if they could get a house that cheap. Also since she stays home, she is able to prepare healthy meals at a fraction of the cost versus take out. I imagine her cost of living in the area she lives in is much smaller than other places.

There are other things though that truly make her story special. For instance, her husband and her were able to pay off all their credit card debt and house debt. They really do a good job of budgeting every last penny and they make pretty much everything they can such as laundry detergent or bread. This family pretty much goes out of its way to make sure they have the firmest grip on their finances as possible. For that, I have to applaud them.

I am not saying everyone can do what they have done but it certainly is interesting to see someone else do it.  I am always interested in seeing other people do things like this to such extremes and still be able to live decently. It really makes me consider everything spent in my life to try and decide if its whats best. Interesting, huh?

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