Charity Begins At Home

I found out something disturbing recently. First, let me tell you some backstory. For the past year and half, I have been donating every month to a certain charity that helped women who had been victims of sex slavery. It is a cause I believe in a lot especially since they were providing rehabilitation to the women and girls who had suffered with Heaven only knows what. Anything that helps people get back on their feet mentally and physically is a cause that is especially close to my heart. The charity that I have contributed to has been under fire as it was found out that the leader lied about her past. She had claimed that she too had been a sex slave in order to make her charity more credible.

All this has had me thinking lately. It has made me wonder about what charity really is all about. It has made me wonder about what is the best way to give. Naturally, I have discontinued my donation to this charity. It’s a sucky and a heartbreaking feeling to even consider that any money that I painstakingly earned could have been mishandled in any way. I certainly did not earn that money by playing hopscotch or playing beach volleyball. I don’t want to think of what could have happened. Although it has not been revealed for sure whether any actually money has been misused, it is def. not a good feeling.

I have always really liked the idea of giving to those that really need it so they can give themselves a hand up. I have thought about giving back in my community like donating cans of food or clothing to local organizations. I really like the idea of helping the individual since I am seeing it helps more. I have even thought about donating to organization that give loans to women in third world countries in order for them to start their own businesses. I feel this has tremendous impact on more than just the one person as it impacts the whole community and not just the needs of one person.

I wish I had more time to volunteer. Although one of my jobs does entail helping children who are in the system, I wish I could help with some of my other passions like abandoned animals or people with mental disorders. I feel like giving back by volunteering is one of the best things you can do. Although I have not always had the best time with volunteer organizations, I feel like it is very important.

For now, I have learned that I need to be a little bit more vigilant with who I give to as it may not always be going to the intended audience. I know this is not the first time a charity has been under scandal. I guess we all need to be do our homework when it comes to such things. I still think it is VERY important to do your part and give, though. I think its important to do the best you can especially if you have been blessed with one thing or another. I will just have to see what other good causes are out there. If you know of any really good ones, let me know!


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