Hey, Blogging is Hard Work

I was speaking to one of my family members the other day who happens to know about this blog. We were talking about what I write about and how I have been able to generate a little bit of income from this blog. My family member didn’t seem to pay much attention UNTIL she heard that I made any kind of money off of this website. She then made a comment about how she thought it was some of the easiest money ever made because of the seemingly small amount of effort it required. This actually made me a little angry. I was not upset over her comment really except for the notion that this blog has achieved any type of success just by me not doing anything. Any blog owner worth his/her salt will let you know that building a successful (or somewhat) website is anything but simple. Please consider:

I did not make a penny off of this blog for over a year. A year! This blog was started as a passion because I had a lot of debt to pay and I wanted to have my voice heard. I wrote 3 posts a week everyday for 12 months. Each post would take me about 2-3 hours to write so this means I spent about 30 hours a month just in generating content. This was in addition to the countless hours I spent writing content for other blogs (for free), email networking, and building this blog. So in essence, I volunteered my time for about 365 days but I was writing and helping others which I love. That being said, I don’t know too many other people (except for some other bloggers) who are willing to put in this amount of time for no promise of monetary compensation.

I once heard someone say that starting a blog is a lot like starting your own business. You need to understand that you may go bust in a few months or you may reap the rewards for years to come. The point is that you will never know till you try. The other thing is that if you start a blog with the hopes of becoming a millionaire, then you will most likely fail. Why? Because you will most likely get tired of putting in lots of work and not getting anything for it besides the self-satisfaction of contributing to the online world.

I will always applaud someone for starting a new blog. Its one of the best things you can do in my opinion. Its great to have a little corner on the interwebs where you can have your voice heard. With that being said, one of the best reasons to start a blog is because you want to and not because you want to make money. If that should happen, then that’s great. The truth is that very few people will ever make anything substantial but that is still okay. Some of my favorite blogs are by people who obviously write just to write and never expect anything in return. I will always be one of those people who will write even if no one is reading. It is just something that I love to do.

In short, blogging IS hard work and not an easy path to riches. If you are on that route, then you are probably better off getting a job at McDonald’s. I guarantee you will make more money and do it much more quickly. Write because you want to write. Whatever comes after is just gravy.


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