Blogger Spotlight and other Updates

I know I haven’t done a link love in a really long time so I wanted to spotlight some bloggers that I consider to be the bee’s knees right now. One thing I really love is finding a blog with a really personal voice that showcases a blogger that is inspirational. They may not be the biggest sites out there but they are wonderful nonetheless. I encourage you to check them out:

Fit is the New Poor

Insidious Life

Digging out from our Mess

We are thinking of fostering a dog again. We fostered a little Spitz over the holidays and it was fun to have a dog again. Our couch is now covered in a slight layer of white fur (not fun). He also was not house broken so now I have to clean the apartment with bleach because of all the “accidents.” Despite this, I still want to “rent” a pup for a little while. It does much to brighten the apartment.


We have decided to move back in with boyfriend’s parents for at least a little bit while we figure out what we want to do with the house. We lived with them for about 3 months a few years ago in an effort to save money. We could only stay 3 months because that was about as much as either of us could stand. Since the boyfriend has been working on his parents’ house, we are hoping things go better this time around. I would love to save money but not dislike the place I was in. I am all about saving some cash right about now. I have a case of the money jitters even though people are saying I am crazy for worrying. Oh well! Its def. something I need to work on.

I hope your monday is great. It seems we are all going back to the same routine. The holidays are officially gone. It seems a little sad but thats how it goes. Good luck everyone!

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