How to Blog your Way to a Bigger Retirement Fund

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If you are a blogger, the chances are that you enjoy updating your blog in your spare time, go to local blogger events when you can and network on social sites on an evening. There are only a handful of bloggers that have successfully made their passion into a full time career but this doesn’t mean that monetising your blog is impossible. Could you be blogging your way to a bigger retirement fund?

Start Early

More and more people are worried that they won’t be able to afford to retire fully when the time comes. The key to ensuring that you can afford to retire and live your life to the fullest is to start saving early. Many bloggers use their individual space on the web to make a second income and there is no reason why you can’t do the same. Simply putting the money you make from your blog into a savings account at the earliest date can ensure that your retirement fund is substantial in the future. But how do you know how much you need to save? No Nonsense Annuities can give you an idea of the annuity you could receive on retirement and this can help you structure your saving plan right from the start.

Monetising your Blog

Monetising a blog is a highly debated topic in the blogging world. If you are new to blogging being paid for talking about products you love can seem strange but there are a number of ways to generate a second income by simply doing what you love.

Sponsored Posts-Sponsored posts are one way to make money from your blog. If you promote your blog on social networks and include a contact email address in the contact section of your blog, you may start to receive emails from various companies requesting sponsored posts. As long as the content is of the same standard of that what you would usually post and the topic is relevant, there is no shame in accepting money in exchange for a sponsored post.

Advertisements-Not all monetising opportunities will come to you. Offering advertising spots on your blog are another way to generate income from blogging. If you have yet to be approached regarding an advertising opportunity, you could create a section on your blog that provides details of potential advertising options. Include information on prices and any deals that you offer and let all of your followers know that you offer this service via Facebook and Twitter.

EBooks-Finding the right niche for your blog is the first step to growing your readership and the smaller your niche, the more chance that your blog will stand out from the rest. If you have a lot to say about your chosen niche, why not turn your thoughts into an EBook and promote it via your social channels?

Affiliate Programs

If you blog about fashion or beauty, the chances are you already guide your readers towards your favourite products online. One way to generate an income from your blog is to use affiliate links in your posts that will allow you to take a percentage of the sales that these companies make from your readers.

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