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As the title of this blog implies, I am just another twenty-something girl struggling to navigate through the endless parade of bills that is all too common for most Americans. I have student loans, a mortgage, credit cards, and other priorities that I am trying to stay on top of and still lead a somewhat comfortable life. I hope to help others with this blog and maybe even meet some cool people along the way. Send me an email if you have any questions.

I live in the Southeast. I have a loving boyfriend and dog that make up my family. My boyfriend and I bought a house when the market was good and like others, saw the market crash before our eyes. In order to save money, we are renting the house out now and living in a smaller apartment. We are doing relatively fine but I desperately want to be debt free before I qualify for the senior citizen discount at the super market:)

I do not want to give out my location or full name due to privacy reasons and this will allow me to be as honest as I can be through this process. This blog is a little experiment I am trying to see if I can become a more financially responsible person. I hope you enjoy it!


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