10 Random Facts About Me

I have decided to take a cue from other PF bloggers in the blogosphere and reveal 20 10 facts about me. As you may know, I choose to blog anonymously but I still think it would be fun for my readers to know a little bit more about me as they follow me on this crazy, topsy-turvy journey to financial freedom. So here goes:

1. The above picture is my dog, Max. Here he is hanging out in the backseat of my car. The dog loves to eat, nap, and generally just do nothing. He is an older dog but he has a very sweet personality and wouldn’t harm a fly. He is also very content to just sleep all day, every day no matter what.

2. I LOVE sweets. It really is the closest thing I have to an addiction. I could eat cookies and pastries all day long if I had my way. I am also pretty good at baking. I have been toying around with the idea of posting some budget friendly recipes on this blog for those that are interesting in making baked goods on the cheap.

3. I am a big fan of reading. One of my favorite things to do is to spend an afternoon hanging out at Barnes and Noble and reading the latest on finance and economic news (don’t judge). I haven’t done this is in a while but its a great way to do something fun for practically no money.

4. I am originally from South America. We came over here when I was a child so I don’t really have an accent or anything like that. In fact, people are surprised when they find out I wasn’t born here. Go figure.

5. If I could meet anyone in this world, it would be Paul McCartney. I have always been a huge Beatles fan and the thought of getting to meet him in person would be unbelievable to me. I don’t care much for celebrities but I think I may have a stroke if I ever met him :)

6. I hate spiders!! Just seeing one in a photo creeps me out. I am okay with the little ones but if I ever see one of the big hairy ones, I may have a heart attack and die that very moment. I don’t think I could ever visit a place where I knew there were spiders lurking like the rainforest or the Outback or something.

7. I don’t like hypocritical people. In fact, I can’t stand that in a person more than anything else. Manipulation and ignorance are also pretty high on the list of things I can’t stand most about some people.

8. I am a very realistic person almost down to a fault. My boyfriend sometimes criticizes me for being too plainly honest honest about some things. I can’t help it I guess. I also do think I am a very optimistic person. I am definitely a “dreamer” as well but I like to keep a balance. I think it helps when I am writing about finances and being frugal :)

9. I love the smell of the grass in the early morning. I wish I could bottle that dewey smell and save it with me all day long. It  just smells so clean and refreshing.

10. I am a self-described “hippie.” I would eat organic granola everyday and take road trips in a VW bus if I could afford it. I am all about conservation and getting ethically made goods when possible. I believe we all have to do what we can to help out this little planet of ours.

And with that: Peace out, my blogging friends!

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